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About Thai Rejuvenation

About Us

Thai Rejuvenation is an international company based in Bangkok, London and Bali. We work very closely with Thailand and Bali’s top hospitals and surgeons to offer truly competitive and safe, Age Management and Wellness Treatments through our extensive and close working relationships with all of our medically qualified staff.

All patients for our treatments, are fully medically screened under strict medical conditions and are only offered treatments after successful consultation with our doctors. If their tests prove that the provision of their medically recommended treatment will considerably enhance their lives and provide comfort and quality to their lifestyles, we advise accordingly and provide extensive support both during and after treatments. We treat all of our clients as our extended family, and as much as we are a business too, we also ensure that all decisions are undertaken, in the best interests of our clients.If a treatment has to be, refused we will inform our customers first, and do so putting aside any business needs and put the care and concerns of our clients first.

As part of our Life Enhancement treatments, r-HGH, is subscribed only under strict and supervised conditions, and is the new holy grail of the modern medical world and hence, this treatment is most sought after in all parts of the developed countries. Many studies show that by increasing the body’s level of HGH, it may be possible to “turn back the ageing clock,” reversing signs of ageing and returning the body’s youthful appearance and former vitality.

The excitement over this treatment and its benefits has resulted in Thai Rejuvenation offering this treatment under strict medical supervision in Thailand at a hugely discounted cost so everyone medically eligible for this treatment can get access to its benefits. The current prohibitive expenses of this treatment can reach upwards of $20,000 to $30,000 annually in the USA and hence our location leads us to the beautiful country of Thailand known universally as the land of smiles and the beautiful island of Bali.

We are based, in Thailand and Bali, to reduce our cost base and as such our savings are passed back to you, our customers making this treatment affordable to everyone. Thailand and the beautiful island of Bali, also make an ideal location regarding post-treatment recuperation with their warm and idyllic climatic conditions combined with the warmth and hospitable culture of the Thai and Balinese people makes it an experience to remember and savour.