Thai Rejuvenation and getting rid of your weight problems

Thai Rejuvenation and getting rid of your weight problems

Weight loss is a challenge that a lot of us struggle with. As we age, we go slack with our workouts, our lives are busier and our eating patterns are irregular. The result is extended belly, love handles and more fat than lean muscle.

If however, there was a way that our metabolism and energy levels could be kept high, the fat would burn faster and the weight loss would be effective. The Human Growth Hormone or the HGH is one such treatment.

HGH is a pure hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. Once released in the blood, it causes and increases in the levels of IGF -1 secreted by the liver. IGF-1 in turn prevents the glucose to be transported to cells by the insulin.

Also, the body has a tendency to burn fat after all the glucose in the body is used. However HGH reverses the process and when taken in recommended dosage, it forces your body to find energy from the fat reserves of your body. Thus it leads to a significant weight loss and your body loses weight even in the duration when you’re inactive, like sleep for instance.

This also means that HGH does not need you to practice any sort of diet and you can eat without the mental block of putting on weight.

It’s also very important to know that unlike steroids, Thai Rejuvenation treatment does not create water weight in your body. Instead it creates lean mass and also makes your skin look tighter and younger. Hence the overall result of Thai Rejuvenation therapy for weight loss is effective, toned, body with no fat.

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